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Japanese Tea Items

Experience the true taste of Japan with our selection of premium teas. We offer a wide selection of Japanese tea all sourced directly from Japan. Our tea from the YAME region in Fukuoka Prefecture is a must-try, with its smooth, non-bitter taste and a lot of Umami flavor. Explore our variety of Sencha, Matcha, Houjicha and Gyokuro and discover your new favorite tea.

About YAME tea

YAME tea is the crown jewel of our store. YAME, a small town in southern Fukuoka, Japan, is famous for its high-quality tea production. For almost 20 years, YAME Gyokuro tea has been the first prize winner at the Japanese National Tea Competition. Only YAME Gyokuro following the processing methods is called “Dento Hon Gyokuro”,  it means traditional and authentic Gyokuro tea. 

Tea farmers of YAME passionately dedicate themselves to producing a tea that contains the perfect balance of umami and sweetness, with less bitterness.

Try YAME tea today, and let its delightful aroma and flavor transport you to Japan.

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