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Introducing our YAME Houjicha Powder, a finely ground roasted green tea that is a must-try for tea enthusiasts looking for something unique.

Houjicha is recognized for being a tea with less caffeine, leading to a sublime change due to its roasting process. 

It is ideal to enjoy roasted aroma at any time, especially at night, and is excellent for making a Houjicha latte. Indulge in the rich flavors and aroma of YAME Houjicha Powder.


<Taste and Flavor>






<How to make Houjicha Latte>

Amount of tea leaves: 1 tea spoon of Matcha (2 grams)

Water Tempurature 176F (80C)

Amount of Water: 3-3.5oz (80-100 ml)

Add Matcha powder and pour hot water. Shake well.

YAME Houjicha Powder (Roasted Green Tea Powder)

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