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Indulge yourself in the exquisite taste of YAME Dento Hon Gyokuro, one of the highest grade teas in Japan.

Grown in the renowned YAME region, famous for producing the finest Gyokuro.

For almost 20 years, YAME Gyokuro tea has been the first prize winner at the Japanese National Tea Competition. Only YAME Gyokuro following the processing methods is called “Dento Hon Gyokuro”,  it means traditional and authentic Gyokuro tea.

Dento Hon Gyokuro is picked only once a year and uses only the top three young leaves and the tea field is delicately covered by straw netting for three weeks before harvesting, ensuring a rich and complex flavor profile. 

This tea is famous for having been recognized by top Sommeliers and chefs worldwide, including the legendary French chef, Joel Robuchon.

Experience a tea like no other, with its unparalleled depth of umami and sweetness that goes beyond what you can imagine.


<Taste and Flavor>


Jade Dew





<How to make hot tea (1st steep)>

Amount of tea leaves: 1 tea spoon of Gyokuro (2-3 grams)

Water Tempurature 104-122F (40-50C)

Amount of Water: 3.5-4oz (100-120ml)

Steeping time: 1-1.5 min

2nd steep: 60C, 3rd steep: 75C... you can brew 4-5 times


<How to make cold brew>

Amount of tea leaves: 5 tea spoon of Matcha (10 grams)

Cold water

Amount of Water: 33oz (1000 ml)

Steeping time : at least 2 hour

Please strain the tea leaves before drinking.

YAME Dento Hon Gyokuro (Premium Gyokuro)

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