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Introducing the YAME Houjicha (Roasted Green Tea) from our collection. "Houji" means roasting, and this tea is made by roasting Sencha leaves to bring out a toasty flavor and taste that is both relaxing and calming. 

Known as a low caffeine tea, it is popular for pregnant women and children to enjoy in Japan. What's more, YAME Houjicha contains “Pyrazine”, an aroma compound that can help us feel unwind, making it the perfect tea to enjoy any time of the day, especially at night.


<Taste and Flavor>

Dark Chocolate


Roasted barley


<How to make hot tea>

Amount of tea leaves: 1 tablespoon of Houjicha (2-3 grams)

Water Tempurature: 194F (90C)

Amount of Water: 5oz (150ml)

Steeping time: 30-60sec


<How to make cold brew>

Amount of tea leaves: 5 tablespoons of Houjicha (10grams)

Cold Water

Amount of Water: 33oz (1000ml)

Steeping time: at least 2 hours

Please strain tea leaves before drinking

YAME Houjicha (Roasted Green Tea)

  • -Loose Leaf Tea

    -Origin : YAME region, Fukuoka Japan

    -1.7oz (50g)  about 60 servings 

     *This tea can be steeped 1-2 time.

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