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Introducing YAME Sencha – a premium, loose leaf green tea that is the most popular Japanese beverage of its kind. 

Made from carefully selected leaves that are steamed to maintain their freshness and natural green color, this loose-leaf tea is rich in antioxidants called “Catechin” and Vitamin C. YAME Sencha is not just delicious but healthy too. The fresh aroma and umami taste of YAME Sencha are sure to delight your senses and provide you with a meditative, calming experience.


<Taste and Flavor>

Fresh green

Muscat Grapes




<How to make hot tea>

Amount of tea leaves: 1 tea spoon of Sencha (2-3 grams)

Water Tempurature: 158F (70C)

Amount of Water: 4-5oz (120-150ml)

Steeping time: 30-60sec


<How to make cold brew>

Amount of tea leaves: 5 tea spoons of Sencha (10grams)

Cold Water

Amount of Water: 33oz (1000ml)

Steeping time: at least 2 hours

Please strain tea leaves before drinking

YAME Sencha (loose leaf green tea)

  • -Loose Leaf Tea

    -Origin : YAME region, Fukuoka Japan

    -1.7oz (50g)  75servings 

     *This tea can be steeped 3 times.

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