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YAME Genmaicha is a delicious blend of green tea and toasted brown rice. Made by blending lower grade Sencha (Bancha) with roasted brown rice, this tea is perfect for daily consumption and suitable for everyone. 

Savor the light-bodied flavor with a subtle, nutty sweetness and experience the popular taste that has been beloved by the Japanese for generations.


<Taste and Flavor>





<How to make hot tea>

Amount of tea leaves: 1 tea spoon of Genmaicha (2-3 grams)

Water Tempurature: 194F (90C)

Amount of Water: 5oz (150ml)

Steeping time: 15-45 sec


<How to make cold brew>

Amount of tea leaves: 5 tea spoons of Genmaicha (10grams)

Cold Water

Amount of Water: 33oz (1000ml)

Steeping time: 1 hour 

Don't leave the tea leaves soaked not to get the stickiness of brown rice.

Please strain tea leaves before drinking.

YAME Genmaicha (Green Tea with Toasted Brown Rice)

  • -Loose Leaf Tea, Toasted rice

    -Origin : YAME region, Fukuoka Japan

    -1.7oz (50g)  about 60 servings 

     *This tea can be steeped 1-2 time.

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